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A good horse is worth her weight in gold...

Her tack doesn’t need to be!

A good horse is worth her weight in gold...

Her tack doesn’t need to be!

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Are you a rural horse owner who’s fed up with the hassles of shopping for tack?  Sick of having to travel for sometimes hours to find decent tack, then worrying about how to return it if it doesn’t fit the horse?  I was too!  So I set out to find a solution and Mountainport Tack ‘n Stock was born.

We carry a full line of quality tack and accessories, but the service doesn’t stop there.  We offer a “try before you buy” program that is unique in Saskatchewan…possibly even in Canada.  For full details on this innovative way to buy tack, click the link below.

Introducing our exclusive


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Try Before You Buy

Why So Cheap?

This is probably the question I hear most often, and when I’m asked, I always answer.  What worries me is the people who think it, but don’t ask.  If you’re like me, when you see a product at a substantially lower price than others of its kind, you likely assume it’s of poor quality and not worth even the low price on it.  Most of the time, you’re probably right, but when it comes to the tack on this website, it’s not that simple.  While the Horse First and Rough Stock saddles don’t compare to handcrafted works of art sold by top leather workers, all of the tack offered here is very good quality.  The reason I am able to offer it to you at these prices is because I buy directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman.  At each stop a product makes in the supply chain, it is marked up.  In a regular retail tack shop, the products have passed through as many as four different companies and each one has added anywhere from 10 to 200% of the product’s original cost.  By cutting out all the stages between manufacturer and retailer, I can keep my costs –and therefore your cost – low.  When I first started this business, I was shocked to discover how little good quality tack costs directly from the source.  For years, I had simply accepted that I had to pay big bucks for good stuff and when I found out that wasn’t the case, I became even more determined to bring other horse owners decent quality tack and accessories at prices that make sense.  Keeping horses is expensive enough, with feed, farrier, vaccinations, vet costs, etc.  Guess what…the tack you depend on to enjoy this already expensive lifestyle, doesn’t have to break the bank!